Easter Village ScreenSaver

Easter Village ScreenSaver

Easter Village ScreenSaver is a cartoonish screensaver with an Easter theme

Easter Village ScreenSaver is a lovely cartoonish screensaver with an Easter theme. The screensaver shows a whole village of bunnies arranging the eggs for Easter. The tasks for Easter are done in order and systematically by the bunnies. Some of them create the baskets and put them in the river so that the other bunnies can paint the eggs and put them in the baskets, and the final bunny decorates them with ribbons to complete the process. From time to time, a funny bunny appears on the screen, showing a huge smile which demonstrates how happy he is with the work. The scene is very relaxing, with multiple colors and lovely characters. The screensaver doesn't include sound effects, but it is accompanied by a nice music that is very suitable for this holiday.

Unfortunately, the screensaver isn't very customizable since in the settings menu the only thing you will find is a "Sound" box, which you can check if you want to listen to the music or uncheck it if you don't.

In short, Easter Village ScreenSaver is a simple but lovely screensaver for the Easter holiday which is a bit repetitive, but I'm sure kids are gonna like it anyway.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely scene
  • Nice colors and music
  • Free


  • Not really customizable
  • A bit repetitive
  • No sounds
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